George Soros Makes Certain That His Wealth Is Used To Try And Change The World

A massive number of the troubles across the world arise from a shortage of capital. Too many citizens are incarcerated, because they have no funds to hire a legal representative who will fight for them. A lot of citizens are prevented from succeeding because they’re different from others around them, and they’re attacked with oppressive measures. Other people still, suffer from devastating diseases, and they only have enough money to purchase marijuana to alleviate their pain, and so they’re brought into court for this if they’re caught. Mr. Soros desires to fight for those people, and realizes that his funds can assist them with their battles.

Mr. Soros experienced a life of massive oppression. The Third Reich of the Nazis demoralized George’s whole religious people when George was a boy in Hungary. His true name was altered from Schwartz, which is a Jewish surname, over to Soros, a created surname by his dad. This name is taken out of an Esperanto phrase, a foreign language that few citizens are aware of. After Hitler was conquered, Mr. Soros traveled to London to earn a Master’s in the area of economics and also a Master’s in the area of philosophy. This collective knowledge helped George to succeed in the industry of finance. Read more about George’s life story at

George became employed at a triumphant and prominent brokerage company, Singer and Friedlander. George found out how to gain money by increasing his profits from promoting securities to different countries. George then used his earnings to travel over to America, to find a good life. George acquired his citizenship and then he began to toil on Wall Street. George’s experience with financial transactions at many Wall Street agencies assisted George with establishing an agency of his own; it was a hedge fund enterprise known as the Soros Fund, eventually, altered to become Open Society Foundation. Out of this enterprise, George used his capital to charitably help a great many citizens and enterprises. George doesn’t like when citizens are oppressed solely from being poor or otherwise they can’t battle against inequality. Learn more about his profile at

George’s enterprise has the desire of giving money to back educational needs for the poor, health aid for the impoverished and to back attorneys to protect the poor from being abused by oppressive undertakings. Mr. George Soros has also attempted to help elect appropriate and commendable Presidents to become elected to the White House, for example Hillary Clinton during Hillary’s campaign for Presidency. The Clinton’s are both known to be very good friends with George and Mr. Soros knows that Hillary would be best for establishing a free and open society compared to Donald Trump’s world.

Remove Bad Reviews About Your Company

If you own a business, or if you oversee a company, it is advisable to have a team of reputation management professionals on your side. Having an established online reputation management firm to advise and guide you on reputation matters is absolutely essential.

You’ll want to find out how your company is being portrayed online. What people are saying about you online can have a great impact on the level of success you attain.

In today’s business world, if you ignore your reputation you are going to experience serious repercussions. Not everyone wants to see you succeed in your endeavors.

There are people out there who will do whatever they can to see you fail. They will go online posting negative remarks, and spreading rumors about you or your brand. Malicious competitors will take steps to ruin your reputation. Irate customers and unhappy employees are in the habit of posting devastating content online about companies they do not agree with.

With ease of access to Internet and social media, news travels very fast, particularly negative news. It can take just seconds to tarnish a brand’ image and cause devastation to a company reputation that took years to establish.

Any organization or company that wants to ensure their success will definitely take proactive steps to protect their credibility online. And there are tools and resources that help accomplish that. These resources are provided by online reputation management professionals. These professionals have the skills and expertise to help you repair damaged image, restore your reputation and advise you on various ways to enhance your good image.

Take the time to check out various reputation management teams and choose one that has an established history of rendering superior reputation management solutions to clients.

When you consult with a reputation management firm, their experts will review your needs and your expectations and come up with a suitable system. They will want to know whether or not you have had any negative news or content published about your company, and they will be able to find out fast using their proprietary methods.

Why Anthony Petrello Is No Longer The Top Compensated CEO

Anthony Petrello in the early 2010s became one of many CEOs to come under fire for excessive compensation by shareholders, even though the company’s stock had risen nearly 200%.

There were several reasons for the controversy, but primarily it was because most the company’s shareholders did not agree with the company’s executive compensation plan. It was in 2014 that Anthony Petrello agreed that the fair thing to do was to change the company’s corporate governance and compensation practices to bring it in line with what was expected by shareholders. The reforms that Petrello instituted included dividing the roles of chairman and CEO between two people, not allowing executive severance payments to be greater than triple the executive’s salary, and giving shareholders the ability to elect anyone with at least a 5% stake to the board of directors.

Having topped the charts of CEO total compensation, after these reforms Petrello earned just $27.5 million in 2015.

Petrello is currently the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, a contract drilling company. He joined the Board of Directors in 1991, served as President and COO until 2011, and became the company’s CEO in 2011. He also serves as director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC of Hillcorp Energy, is a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital, and is an advocate for research for cures for neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello began his academic career with a bachelor and master of science degrees in Mathematics at Yale University and then went on to earn a J.D. at Harvard Law School.

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Securus Technologies Wants To Have A Showdown With GTL

There are many business industries that provide many useful products and services to the public. One of the industries that has provided many products and services over the past decade that have helped to change the way society lives on a day-to-day basis is the technology industry. Many technology innovations have been developed over the past few decades that allow people to do many things that were not possible in prior years.


Although some of these technology innovations have made a huge impact on the world, there are many technology innovations along with technology products and services that are used everyday without earth setting changes. These technology innovations, products, and services are used by many people and companies to help complete daily tasks.


Regarding these various innovations, products, and services, many different technology companies may provide the items or similar items to the public. The competition between the various companies can become fierce because all the companies are competing for the same market share and customer sales.


Two technology companies that have fierce competition concerning technology product and service sales are Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies have issues that cover a span of several years. Recently Securus Technologies sent out a press release that offered a challenge to GTL regarding the technology provided by the two companies. Securus Technologies wants to have a technology bakeoff between the two companies using an independent judge to determine the company with the best technology.


GTL has yet to step forward to accept the challenge. There has been a long-standing argument between Securus Technologies and GTL over technology issues. I think that a technology bakeoff would go a long way towards ending many of the issues. I feel that GTL prefers to stay away from any direct competition such as a technology bakeoff with Securus Technologies.


Considered one of the top technology companies in the safety field, Securus Technologies provides technology related products and services to companies in the public safety, corrections, and law enforcement areas.

Evolution Of Smooth Has Changed The Lip Balm Industry

It is no secret that the lip balm industry has been dominated by industry giant Chapstick for nearly a century. That is until a fun and fresh new upstart named Evolution Of Smooth exploded onto the scene just a few short years ago. As soon as the new product began cropping up on store shelves people all over began scooping up the round little pods of tasty lip balm. The creators of the product knew that they needed to make the product unlike anything else on the market in order for it to be successful.

One of the reasons that EOS lip balm became so popular is because celebrities everywhere could be seen using and carrying the product. As soon as their fans saw them with the new lip balm they too had to have it themselves. Pretty soon the pods could be found at most major retailers right next to the Chapstick products. In just a few short years the company blossomed into a $250 million dollar company. They are currently number two in the market only to be surpassed by Burts Bees. Chapstick is currently in the number two position.

Evolution Of Smooth lip products( come in a variety of fun flavors ranging from mint to melon and everything in between. The lip balm is made from high-quality natural ingredients and keeps lips soft and tasty. Evolution Of Smooth products can be found in most retail stores such as Target and Walmart and can be ordered in packages online via Amazon. Evolution Of Smooth has almost single-handedly changed the lip balm market and is expected to see sales exceeding 1 billion dollars by the year 2020.


Treatment of Sclerosis.

According to new clinical trial results, there is evidence that a high-dose immunosuppressive therapy followed by the transplantation of stem cells that form blood can trigger sustainable suspension of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, which is a disease that causes the immune system to strike the central nervous system. After receiving the treatment called autologous hematopoietic cell transplant and high-dose immunosuppressive therapy (HCT/HDIT) for five years, about 69 percent of patients on trial survived without encountering advancement of disability, deterioration of MS symptoms or even advanced brain lesions. After receiving HCT/HDIT, the participants did not take any MS medication.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease sponsored a trial referred to as HALT-MS. The experimental treatment aims at suppressing the disease that is active and preventing any further disability. This is achievable by getting rid of the cells that cause disease as well as resetting the immune system. In this procedure, the doctors collect blood-forming stem cells from the participants, give the patients a high-dose of chemotherapy so as to deplete the immune system then later return the members’ stem cell to reconstruct the immune system.

Neurologists play a vital part in all this. One of such is Shiva Gopal Vasishta. He practices in Voorhees. He is a graduate of the Government Medical College. He has been practicing for close to 40 years after graduating in the year 1979. He has diverse experience in the field and as such is an expert in Neurology. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is closely associated with Kennedy University Hospital and is among the 34 neurologists practicing at the institution.

Shiva Gopal Vasishta finished a residency at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta accepts various insurance plans that include Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare, as well as Aetna Shiva Gopal Vasishta, is certified by the board in Neurology. Besides English, Shiva Gopal Vasishta can practice in Spanish.

Twenty Three Layers: The Rising Star in Event Planning and Design

It takes a lot to pull off an amazing event, and even one to a few mistakes can ruin it. This is why it’s important to hire an event planner with spectacular quality and expertise. Having said this, a recent article included 15 steps to take when looking for the right event planner, and there are as follows:


  1. Defining the objective for the event- this is more important than considering the event’s budget.


  1. Determine why you are hiring an event planner- ask yourself why do you need an event company to assist you.


  1. Calculate your budget


  1. Research the qualifications of the event planner- don’t just go on word of mouth.


  1. Check with professional affiliations, such as the International Special Events Society, the Meeting Professionals International (local or national chapter), and the Association of Wedding Professionals.


  1. Check with hotels and local chambers of commerce.


  1. Interview the three event planners who are the most qualified.


  1. Give the details of the event to test in a discussion with them how they will handle the event.


  1. Try to meet the planner in person.


  1. Check their references.


  1. Narrow down to one event planner and listen to his/her ideas.


  1. The total budget of the event planner must be presented.


  1. Check the fine print and negotiate the terms.


  1. Work closely with him/her and confirm details.


  1. Have a replacement for hiring for the event planning ready, just in case.


About Twenty Three Layers


Found in 2012, Twenty Three Layers are full-service event planners in NYC that specialize in event planning, production, and design. With their keen focus, creativity, design, and professionalism, they have already gain some of the most coveted relationships with some of the world’s most exclusive establishments. Their staff has several years of expertise in this field. And with seasoned knowledge, they have proven that they can and will deliver perfection in the best and latest trends in décor, food, and entertainment. Working with them will help create top notch celebrations, weddings, corporate events, charitable functions, and galas.