Dr. Scott Rocklage Seeks a Cure for Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder that affects millions of people. The leading cause of muscular dystrophy is myotonic dystrophy type 1, known as DM1. DM1 can run in families, growing worse in each generation. Expansion Therapeutics is creating medicines which can combat DM1, possibly stopping muscular dystrophy from setting in. In an effort to fight this debilitating genetic disorder, Expansion Therapeutics has been raising series A financing, adding $55.3 million dollars to their finances so that could seek ways to combat DM1. One of the leading financiers of this project is 5AM Ventures, whose managing partner, Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D., has taken a special interest in the project.

Dr. Rocklage has been imperative to bringing together the team working on DM1. Dr. Rocklage has an excellent background that is invaluable to this project. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He then went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Chemistry (MIT) where he received his Ph.D. in chemistry. He had the privilege of conducting research in the laboratory of Dr. Richard R. Schrock, who is known for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for his work in Chemistry.

Dr. Rocklage began with 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner in 2003. Subsequently, in 2004, he became a Managing Partner. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare management, Dr. Rocklage was a huge boon for 5AM Ventures. Dr. Rocklage has had three medications approved by the FDA, has more than 30 U.S. patents he is either the inventor or co-inventor on, and also has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles. Before being at 5AM Ventures he was Chairman and CEO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, and also held research and development positions in various companies, including Nycomed Salutar and Catalytica. He has served on many boards and is currently on the board of Rennovia, Cidara, and Kinestral. He is now located in Boston, Massachusetts.


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