How Can US Money Reserve Counter Inflation?

The money in your pocket has its own characteristics. Inflation can make it so that your paper dollars don’t go as far as they used to. In 2018, inflation seems to be creeping up.


Government salaries have Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLAs) built in. These account for inflation and provide for automatic pay raises in order to help bureaucrats retain their purchasing power. What can regular people do to counter inflation?


Gold is COLA for Everyone


Will purchasing Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola protect you against inflation’s impact? No. But, you can do something about inflation, by contacting the US Money Reserve.


The US Money Reserve understands the detrimental impact of inflation and sells precious metals to counter inflation. US Money Reserve sells gold coins, bars and can even help you add gold to your IRA. The gold-backed IRA has become a more popular way for you to counter inflation.


Gold is like a COLA for everyone. See, these precious metals rise as inflation rises. It is kind of like a pace car. Gold ensures that inflation does not pass it.


Steady Wealth Erosion


One of the destructive aspects of inflation is that it can erode your wealth 24/7/365. You don’t have any control over how much is charged at your grocery store. They can raise prices when they want.


And, most global brands will raise their prices at the same time. Why? They all have similar inputs. For example, think about your box of cereal.


Cereal might have oats, wheat, rice or other types of grains. If farmers have to pay more for their machinery, gasoline or fertilizer, they will charge more for their grains. Cardboard for the boxes and plastic for the bags might also rise in price.


What you eventually get is a rise in cereal prices. Or, you have smaller boxes for the same price. Either way, your purchasing power is eroded.




Investors buy gold for the sake of wealth preservation. The US Money Reserve (USMR) helps regular people with the inflation-proof gold. Inflation won’t go away, but you don’t have to be its victim.


The government has provided COLAs for its employees, don’t you deserve the same? Surely, and gold will provide that inflation protection. Buy a few gold coins or bars from US Money Reserve and slow down inflation’s negative impact.


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