People Are Talking About Stream Energy

Stream Energy knows that you are budget conscious when it comes to using electricity. There are many ways to conserve energy usage and to lower your monthly bill. Insulating your home, adding weather stripping around doors and turning off lights when you are not in the room are all great ways to cut energy costs, but there is another way to save that not everyone is aware of. Stream Energy wants consumers to know about phantom drain (YouTube). Phantom drain is the energy that is being used when home electronics are plugged in, even if they aren’t turned on. Although the cost of phantom drain is minimal per day, the costs annually can take a large bite out of your check book. A simple solution is to plug your electronics into power strips, making it easy to turn them off when you aren’t using them.

Stream Energy is located in Dallas, Texas and has been bringing quality services to its customer base since its founding in 2005 ( The company maintains reliable electric accounts in Washington D.C., New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Stream Energy’s outside of the box business model is responsible for the large growth in profits over the last 12 years.


The company’s sales technique has been the root of their success. Stream Energy has built their customer base the old-fashioned way – by word of mouth. Their superior customer service, competitive rates, and excellent product delivery are the reasons why they gain new customers every day. The company is now offering wireless services, home services, and protective services. Stream Energy’s home services offer smart safety alerts for your residence and the Smart 30 Thermostat Plan to help regulate your energy use while you’re away. The protective services plan is comprehensive, keeping you connected to medical services, giving you protection from identity theft and includes roadside services. Stream Energy will continue to expand across the nation to offer unprecedented service in a unique way.