George Soros Makes Certain That His Wealth Is Used To Try And Change The World

A massive number of the troubles across the world arise from a shortage of capital. Too many citizens are incarcerated, because they have no funds to hire a legal representative who will fight for them. A lot of citizens are prevented from succeeding because they’re different from others around them, and they’re attacked with oppressive measures. Other people still, suffer from devastating diseases, and they only have enough money to purchase marijuana to alleviate their pain, and so they’re brought into court for this if they’re caught. Mr. Soros desires to fight for those people, and realizes that his funds can assist them with their battles.

Mr. Soros experienced a life of massive oppression. The Third Reich of the Nazis demoralized George’s whole religious people when George was a boy in Hungary. His true name was altered from Schwartz, which is a Jewish surname, over to Soros, a created surname by his dad. This name is taken out of an Esperanto phrase, a foreign language that few citizens are aware of. After Hitler was conquered, Mr. Soros traveled to London to earn a Master’s in the area of economics and also a Master’s in the area of philosophy. This collective knowledge helped George to succeed in the industry of finance. Read more about George’s life story at

George became employed at a triumphant and prominent brokerage company, Singer and Friedlander. George found out how to gain money by increasing his profits from promoting securities to different countries. George then used his earnings to travel over to America, to find a good life. George acquired his citizenship and then he began to toil on Wall Street. George’s experience with financial transactions at many Wall Street agencies assisted George with establishing an agency of his own; it was a hedge fund enterprise known as the Soros Fund, eventually, altered to become Open Society Foundation. Out of this enterprise, George used his capital to charitably help a great many citizens and enterprises. George doesn’t like when citizens are oppressed solely from being poor or otherwise they can’t battle against inequality. Learn more about his profile at

George’s enterprise has the desire of giving money to back educational needs for the poor, health aid for the impoverished and to back attorneys to protect the poor from being abused by oppressive undertakings. Mr. George Soros has also attempted to help elect appropriate and commendable Presidents to become elected to the White House, for example Hillary Clinton during Hillary’s campaign for Presidency. The Clinton’s are both known to be very good friends with George and Mr. Soros knows that Hillary would be best for establishing a free and open society compared to Donald Trump’s world.