Therapy and Help with the Assistance of the Talkspace App

For years, Michael Phelps has been endorsing therapy as a way to overcome mental health struggles. In a recent commercial he did while partnering with Talkspace, he discussed how therapy has saved his life and why he recommends people make use of it any way that they can. The reason Mr. Phelps recommended an app like Talkspace is because it is more personal and you can text and message your issues to a therapist rather than having to sit in front of them face-to-face. This allows people to get the help that they need without it being inconvenient or uncomfortable. Learn more about talkspace at

The Talkspace app has been around for quite awhile now and is still the number one talk therapy app available on phones and tablets. To make use of the app, you just need to download it to your phone or tablet and get connected to a licensed therapist. They will then be able to talk to you all throughout the day or night as needed. Plus, it is much cheaper to make use of an app like this than it is to hire a local therapist who may or may not be the right choice for you.

Talkspace has been a wonderful asset to those who are looking for high-quality therapy without the hefty price tag. Despite there being quite a few services out there, Talkspace has still been one of the most trusted by those who are looking to feel their best and get over important issues in life. You can create an account after downloading the app and can begin to speak with a professional right away. There are lots of reasons to give this a try for yourself and it is important to consider it when you are trying to make use of the app and know it will work.

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Gareth Henry – the Man Behind the Fintech Math

As one of the financial sector’s most sought-after investment accounts manager, Gareth Henry has made a name for himself as a pinnacle in the investment subsection of the finance sector. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from the Edinburgh based Heriot-Watt University, his expertise in the financial market has shown a rise above the norm.

He excels in private real estate capitalization and credit products. Moreover, he has a global portfolio that emphasizes his alternative asset management expertise in markets from the USA and the Middle East to Europe and Asia.

Mr. Gareth Henry vocalizes his expertise when he discusses topics such as the Rise of Quantitative Investing. This is the use of quantitative analysis to identify trading niches. This is done through the creation and dependency of mathematical computations and statistical modeling. The variables used in the computation include asset prices and trading volumes while taking in real-world scenarios. Visit their website at

He discusses the origin of quantitative analysis and how it was considered a blasphemy of sorts in the ancient financial market. However, when programmers began cashing in the cheques through the approach, millions turned to this complicated method to learn the method. From the sources of large profits, comes it’s likely output, the capital. Currently 90% of investors in the US markets, trade through the quantitative method and 6 of the top 10 hedge fund companies heavily relying on the method and are known as quants.

With the quantitative approach using rational and logic means to achieve its goal, which is the maximization of profits, It is not enough for the dynamic financial markets. Thus, the quantitative models chosen by companies should either be dynamic or temporary. This will enable the company to maximize its profits in the unpredictable market conditions. This is to prevent failure and losses due to the market’s startling unpredictability.

Quantifiable strategies can be used in specifics scenarios, Gareth Henry points out some of them being: Systematic Trend Following/CTA, Statistical Arbitrage, Factor Investing, Risk Parity, Systematic Global Macro, and Event Driven Arbitrage.

Gareth Henry is currently a managing director at Fortress Investment Group.



Freedom Checks: Secret to a Great Retirement

Many Americans feel they have nothing to worry about when they retire because they plan to rely on the government. Most taxpayers feel that since they have been paying social security taxes, they will be guaranteed these benefits at retirement age. Relying on social security alone as a retirement income is not a wise thing to do. The maximum monthly benefit is only $2800. This minuscule figure is not going to help anyone really enjoy their golden years. At best they may barely make it. Individuals who invest in Freedom Checks may end up having a higher standard of living in retirement than they had while they were working. This investment solution is a way for individuals to have another income stream that could provide payments that are extremely larger than a social security payment.

Freedom Checks are a method of investing that generates some of the best rates of return in the markets. Some very gifted investors have been using this method to make money for over thirty years, but most of the general public had no idea that this style of investing existed. Freedom Checks are a way for an investor to collect reliable dividend payments without paying taxes. The mega-rich use loopholes to avoid paying taxes every year. This is a way that average people can also build their savings without being burdened with taxes. To know more about the company click here.

Many commentators on financial outlets first believed Freedom Checks were just a way to fraud ignorant investors. This is a legal way to invest and not a scam. Congress gave special companies tax incentives to operate here in the United States and produce oil. The goal was to eventually allow the US to produce its own energy and not purchase oil from other countries. Young investors can really take advantage of Freedom Checks and can really start to compound their earnings tax-free for many years. Individuals who are closer to retirement can start making their money work for them now and earn a reliable source of income without the IRS on their back. Getting started is not going to break the bank, as a person with a few dollars can start collecting these special payments today.

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Dr. Saad Saad And Why He Thinks Everyone Should Get Vaccinated

Many people have been very critical of vaccines and have questioned their safety. Some individuals say that vaccines are very bad for babies to take because their immune systems can’t handle them. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

Other people have claimed that there is a connection between autism and the use of vaccinations. Many people are also worried that vaccines contain harmful substances that can lead to death.

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has worked in the medical field for over forty years. He has cared for and saved the lives of many children. Although he is retired, he enjoys answering medical questions from concerned parents who care about the wellbeing of their children. He advises parents not to believe the false information about vaccines. He claims vaccinations are completely safe and almost all children should get them.

Dr. Saad Saad explains to parents that vaccinations will help build an immunity to specific diseases. Once someone is immune to a disease, they can never get it. To create a vaccine, one needs a weak strain of the virus. The person is then inoculated. Once the virus has entered, the person’s body will create antibodies which will attack the virus.

It is these antibodies that help a person to become immune to a disease. After a person’s body creates these antibodies, they can remain forever. Once a person is fully immune to a disease, it is also impossible for them to spread the disease to other people. It is for this reason that Dr. Saad Saad really stresses that almost everyo9ne get their vaccinations.

Dr. Saad Saad often tells parents that vaccines have been around for over a hundred years and that they are completely safe and effective. The first ever vaccine was for smallpox. This disease was extremely common and deadly throughout history. It is estimated that millions of people were killed by this disease.

The vaccine would eventually help to eradicate smallpox by the 1980s. Other famous diseases that are almost nonexistent are mumps and polio. Polio was an extremely brutal disease that caused someone to become paralyzed and was also life-threatening. There are other diseases that could also be eradicated in the future due to vaccines.

Dr. Saad Saad believes that vaccinations have saved lives and urges parents to get their children vaccinated. Getting children vaccinated is important because it helps them live a healthier life. Vaccines make it possible for a person to build up an immunity to the most dangerous diseases.

Dr. Saad Saad feels that the only individuals who should not be vaccinated are infants under two months old and persons who may react very poorly after taking vaccines. Everyone else getting vaccinated will ensure that society is protected from the worst diseases.