Drawn to Drew Madden: Corner Health Stores in Poor Health

By now, a lot of people have probably figured that Amazon has reached the peak of its fame and won’t be able to grow much larger. Well, that all changed when the retail giant recently made the move to acquire licenses that allow its distribution centers to send off pharmaceutical gear for professional use to vendors that require it. This is one of those whoa-hold-up moments: How did Amazon manage to shoulder this burden in any workable way, shape or form? It seems like the niche stores, particularly of the brick and mortar model, are feeling the pressure now.

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom as it turns out. CVS is very much eyeing its end of the chessboard and has no intentions of allowing Amazon of all companies to gain leverage inside the medical field — at least not enough to fleece the health store’s clientele. In a decisive move that was no doubt a direct response to Amazon’s motion, CVS claimed health insurance provider Aetna and will hopefully move toward the provision and support of healthcare services right inside its physical locations. This, of course, has epic implications for client convenience going forward.

The next natural step for Amazon at this point will be the acquisition of licenses to sell actual prescription medication via drone delivery, which isn’t a bad thing in itself unless you’re Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, CVS or any other location with dedicated pharmaceutical departments. However, the evidence for Amazon’s intent to do exactly this is clear, and it’s only a matter of time before CVS and its ilk make the next move into incorporating healthcare IT where Amazon won’t be able to touch them. For them, a seasoned pro such as Drew Madden will become incredibly significant to their success.

Allow me to explain: Healthcare IT describes the servers, network infrastructure and internet-based support for medical services such as prescription records, patient information and so on. Right now, CVS has claimed a big dog in the health insurance field, which will allow it to synergize this offering with the rest of their goods and services. If Drew Madden or someone of comparable stature is pulled in under the likes of CVS any time soon, don’t be surprised — that’s their way of establishing the networking that draws their new business model together.

Amazon, beware.

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