Logan Stouts Successes As A Serial Entrepreneur

Logan Stout loved playing sports growing up, especially basketball and baseball. He went on to play baseball in college as well as professionally. He also served as an assistant baseball coach for a year at Dallas Baptist University. Prior to this, in 2000, he established Dallas Patriots Inc. which is a youth baseball firm that coaches players across Texas.

In 2005, Logan Stout started his careers as an author and public speaker. He has spoken at many events where he focuses on personal and professional development among other things. Most often he speaks at corporate events, churches, and team building events. He has written two books, one about personal development and the other about successfully raising children.

Three years later he founded Premier Baseball Academy. This business has two facilities in Texas, one in Frisco and the other one in Plano. Both are indoor baseball stadiums where people can practice their baseball skills. It offers baseball camps, private lessons, and cage rentals. It also contains a pro-shop which has all of the latest gear for the sport plus team uniforms.

In February 2013, Logan Stout founded another firm, Defining Success. He is a keynote speaker who offers personal and professional development coaching to his clients. He shows people how they can attain their potential in life including financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally. He outlines for his clients the way to achieve success in these areas and more.

Logan Stout’s latest business venture is IDLife LLC. This firm is in the field of health and wellness. It offers nutritional supplements that are individualized for each client based on the results of a free health assessment. This health assessment is used to craft a vitamin supplement that fits each person’s particular health needs.

As a philanthropist, Logan Stout has helped support many charities both local and national. One of these is the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County to which he was given generously. He also supports the mission of the American Heart Association of North Texas as well as the Youth Athletes Foundation.

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Fantastic Fabletics Fashions Provide Luxurious Comfort at Affordable Costs on Amazon Currently

Many Amazon shoppers have discovered the beautiful athleisure wear clothing brand of Fabletics. This fantastic fashion brand provides luxurious all day comfort for an affordable cost. Kate Hudson was bitten by the family acting bug at a young age. As the daughter of famous actress Goldie Hawn, Kate too saw fame in her also successful acting career. Kate now prides herself on being immediately recognized as her brand Fabletic’s well liked spokeswoman. Her stint as an actress exposed Kate to some of the best high fashion clothes available. Her classy clothing taste is now put to great use as a co-founder and important part of Fabletic’s fashion company’s hardworking design and business team.


Fabletics has garnered attention by utilizing smart business sense moves and marketing tools. One of her favorites, Kate enjoys telling women about her brand’s fun, fast and intriguing Lifestyle Quiz that was designed to figure out each lady’s personal Fabletics best choices. The secret to finding a Fabletics outfit that fits spectacularly lies in the makeup of this quiz. After taking it, customers are wiser about what styles they look best in, the types of clothing cuts that magically flatter their figures and which colors to pick for their best appearance.


Any of Fabletic’s fine and form flattering fashions are manufactured to meet exacting high quality standards. These styles are crafted with durable double seams, luxurious feeling stretch fabrics that won’t lose their shape and come in electrifying color shades that beg more than one glance. Wearing these styles feels incredible, and the designs are fully suited for aerobic style exercise. However, these fashions still look chic enough for late afternoon lunches, PTA meetings, errand running and for long relaxing walks along a beach. Kate believes fully in the power of well fitting and classy clothes to raise spirits and make women feel powerful while remaining pretty.


The feminine details in many of Fabletics fashions are part of why this brand is so different from other athleisure wear competitors. The well appreciated lower prices also set this brand above the competition. Kate feels that a woman’s hard-earned money shouldn’t all have to go towards fashionable clothes. By offering low-cost athletic outfits, Fabletics is allowing women the joy of feeling fashionably beautiful without spending all of their paychecks. Fabletics is promoting their brand and all of its benefits online through Amazon’s famous online store for added shopping convenience.