Tasty, healthy and fresh food with Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru with his two friends Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme wondered why they could not access healthy and fresh food within Georgetown University. The trio were entrepreneurship students of Georgetown University in Washington.

They were in their last year of study when the idea of starting the food court was born. The classmates wanted to revolutionize the food industry and provide the quality healthy food to the community around.

They set up the eatery at M street, and in six years it has become the leading and stylish restaurant with the brand name Sweetgreen. They have managed to strategies involved and opened over 21 store farms. The founders of Sweetgreen had prior knowledge in business since all their families owned various businesses. Therefore, the transition was the natural one. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

Nathaniel Ru believes that people around you will not go for what you do, but they will only buy your way of doing things. To set up the restaurant on the tavern space was not hard since the landlord of that place happened to be the same landlord of the apartment that Ru and his two friends use to live.Although it took time to schedule a face to face meeting, they finally met, but their business plan was not as per the standard.

They were advised by the landlord on places to make changes concerning the architect. Their founding aim was to provide quality salad, fresh and healthy food but not to become commercial food giants. They value the norms and cultural beliefs of the community around them.

Nathaniel Ru is well known in many households as the co-founder of Sweetgreen and a serial entrepreneur. Currently, Swetgreen Restaurant has become the best salad franchise with over 40 restaurants in different locations. Nathaniel Ru has featured in Forbes list as an entrepreneur and a leader to watch in both wine and food industry.

Nathaniel has always been a principal speaker at different business conferences. He is highly regarded due to his portfolio, perspective, and brains on growing and developing a brand that is long term.

He says demonstrating better relationship and connection with customers in business build trust and reputation for your business. He advised his co-entrepreneurs to create more significant things than themselves.

Under his leadership, customer intimacy has always been his firm`s initiatives. Nathaniel and his two partners established Sweetlife in 2010, the largest food and music festival.

This event attracts over 20,000 people. It features prominent musical artists, cutting edge and also delicious meals from top chefs.

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