Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Leads in E-Commerce Market

Fabletics is a fashion brand that has taken the fashion e-commerce industry by storm in the recent times. The company has done very well, staging a competition against some of the veteran giants in the market such as Amazon. A recent study shows that the firm has grown to two hundred and fifty million dollars in just three years.


Kate Hudson and the other co-founders of the company had to work very hard to achieve its success. They applied some techniques to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer. First of all, the brand introduced a membership feature. When a client subscribes to this feature, the whole idea of shopping for activewear is made very easier. The idea worked very well because it places convenience and aspiration ahead of all the other things.


In the past, the price and quality of commodities were given the top priority by individuals who were going for shopping. Things have, however, changed significantly in the recent times. In the modern generation, the value of a product is measured using customer loyalty, design, after sale service, brand recognition, and other features. Fabletics has used the following techniques to beat its competitors.


Physical Stores

Unlike most of the fashion e-commerce companies, Fabletics has several physical stores. This strategy involves taking the products and services to the people directly. The company has several stores in the United States at the moment, and it is planning to open more in the next five years to meet the demands of the customers. Most of these stores are based in California, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois. The subscription technique enables the company to reduce the prices of the clothing, beating all its competitors.


Reverse Showrooming

This method has been used for several years now. Companies using this technique allow their clients to browse online for the commodities they need then stepping down to purchase them in the physical stores. Most institutions, however, fail when using this technique because most customers will shop online when comparing prices then go for cheaper items from competitors. Fabletics has managed to handle this method well, reaping enormous profits at the end of the day.


Customer review

Kate Hudson has served Teri Hutcheon, one of the most respected body fitness enthusiast in the world. She has used the products from the company, and her reviews on the services she has been receiving can be relied on. Teri says that the products she received were the best and they were affordable.

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  1. What Fabletics has been able to achieve in recent time show that it takes a lot of commitment and hard work to make it in the world of business. Although rush paper provides us with an interesting perspective about Kate Hudson and the Fabletics company showing a growth pattern that many of their competitors would definitely be envious of. I think that they have done very well in the area of marketing looking at the marketing strategies they have put into place and that is because they have done their customer review very well and knowing how to service the needs of their customers also counts.

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