Kevin Seawright – A Financial Professional

Mr. Keven Seawright is an administrative and financial operations leader who has the strategic vision of achieving new opportunities. For being a financial professional for more than ten years, Kevin Seawright has used his expertise to help the communities of East Coast become better people than before. He can blend team inclusion, outcome efficiency, and business acumen for better performance. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

Presently, Mr. Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Through his career, Kevin has transformed the revenue planning process for corporate organizations, contractors, and sub-contractors throughout the region of Mid-Atlantic.

Moreover, Kevin has spent most of his career life working in real estate companies, local government sectors, and education throughout New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington. Therefore, Kevin has made some career accomplishments. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin was the one behind revenue enhancement that ensured the annual returns increased by 26% when the services and goods are already rendered. He has also managed to solidify Human Capital Divisions, which help with collective bargaining, enhancement of recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments, change management, and negotiations.

All of these processes have improved standardization and proper service delivery to consumers. They also enhanced the performance of a company that works with Kevin.

In his career life, Mr. Kevin has worked as Managing Fiscal Officer, Finance Director, Payroll Director, and Budget Manger. Through his career life, Kevin has managed to create good reputation and rapport with clients and leaders he meets in every project.

He is an active user of various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Most of his posts are about financial and administration operations. Regarding educational background, Kevin attended Notre Dame University for Executive Leadership Studies. He also attended Almeda University, from where he received his MBA.

InnovaCare, A Healthcare Success With Strong Leadership

InnovaCare is a company that has tried its best to offer its customers quality healthcare, without burning a hole in your pocket. Based in Puerto Rico, this healthcare and medical service company has transformed the health industry but adopting a rather new approach towards treating patients for illnesses and injury.

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A medical emergency can happen to anyone at almost any given time, and therefore the company stresses the importance of always staying prepared in times of adversity. The company works on the premise of memberships, whereby, customers have to log onto the company’s website and sign up for any of the plans that InnovaCare has. The organization knows that different people can have different budgets when it comes to how much they can invest in healthcare, but at the same time, InnovaCare doesn’t want its patients to not receive medical care because of financial issues. All the plans that InnovaCare has are flexible and are provided based on the customer’s needs. When the client is in need of medical assistance, they can just go to any one of InnovaCare’s outlets and ask for medical help. By doing this, customers of InnovaCare are always insured that they will be taken care of if the need arises. View her infographic resume at

Since its inception, InnovaCare has grown exorbitantly, becoming the company that it is today, challenging healthcare centers across the country. One of the main reasons for InnovaCare’s success is the people who lead the hospital. Dr. Rick Shinto is the current CEO of InnovaCare and is one of the primary attributes of the company’s position in the field of healthcare. Dr. Rick Shinto has over twenty years of experience working in the area of medicine and therefore knows exactly what a top notch medical facility should be like. Dr. Shinto was a specialist in pulmonology before he rose up to the position of CEO of InnovaCare.

Penelope Kokkinides is another person whom the success of InnovaCare can be attributed to. Penelope Kokkinides currently is the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization and has a tremendous amount of work experience in the field of administering medical institutions. In the past, she has also worked as the COO of Centerlight Healthcare.

Together, Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Rick Shinto have made the organization the field leader it is today. Their main aim is to provide quality healthcare, and they have succeeded in doing so through their expertise and knowledge of the industry. Visit Penelope’s website at

Equities First Holdings’ Success with Their Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a successful alternative investment firm. The corporation has been experiencing rapid growth with its stock-based loans. With the present economic age where traditional lenders have strict lending rules, most borrowers, who need urgent capital or those who do not qualify for credit-based loans, are left out. EFH has developed different products and services to target these overlooked clients. This way, the company has continued to gain popularity in the industry. Notably, these underserved audiences can access other available lending options. However, such investments have high interest rates, a factor that inconvenience most borrowers. Loans collateralized by stocks have a higher loan-to-value ratio relative to margin loans. They also offer fixed interest rates, which provide certainty during period of the loan.

EFH offers diverse financial services to small businesses and high net worth individuals seeking for non-purpose capital. The company issues loans to a borrower if he/she has stock in a certain company. Such stock should have the potential of appreciating in the future. The borrower is only required to transfer the shares, as collateral, to EFH to initiate the loan transaction, instead of liquidating their position in the company. At maturity, the borrower is guaranteed 100 percent retention of the market value, even if the company’s stock appreciates during the loan term. Equities First Holding offers investors more friendly terms, including lower interest rates compared to other lenders.

With the non-purpose stock loans, clients have the freedom to choose where and how to invest their savings. EFH upholds high industry standards where trusted legal and accounting partners oversee all the processes. Their fixed rates are as low as 3 percent. The lender’s recovery is limited to the stock due to the non-recourse nature of their transactions. Their loan-to-loan value ratios are as high as 75 percent. EFH focuses on fast and efficient processes. Most of their transactions are completed within 5-7 working days. The company has been in operation for over a decade. Equities First Holding’s able team of talented financial industry leaders plays a crucial role in enhancing its competitiveness in the financial industry.

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Betsy DeVos Holds Office To Tackle The Most Important Issues

There are a lot of people that hold offices. In many cases, they just want to play politics. Then there are some that tackle issues that have to do with finances or businesses. Betsy DeVos holds office in order to handle social issues. For one thing, society needs to be safe and beneficial for all people. Therefore Lori Senecal is working very hard to make sure that it is that way for people. She does not want anyone to be left out of the loop when it comes to the benefits that people can get from society. One thing she wants to do is make sure that people of all walks are getting something out of the deal.

Betsy DeVos has a lot of compassion for children because they are the ones that are the most vulnerable. She also knows that a lot of parents are at their limits when it comes to their lives. Therefore, they don’t know what more they can do in order to make sure that their children are getting the education that they need so that they can make better lives and communities. Betsy looks at all of this and focuses on finding solutions that everyone can benefit from so that they can enjoy better society.


Other issues that Betsy DeVos deals with are the issues that are faced by the LGBT community. One thing that she wants to protect is the constitutional rights of everyone so that they will be able to go through life without a worry. One thing that she does not like is when people are getting discriminated against for any reason that they have very little control over. Betsy has the courage to stand up even to the President of the United States when it comes to issues that are related to human rights. Visit Betsy’s profile on

While Betsy is going to be faced with a lot of hurdles, she is more than up to the challenge because it means that humanity is going to be living with even more rights. One thing that she wants to do is to prepare a better and more equal society for a new generation.

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George Soros Makes Certain That His Wealth Is Used To Try And Change The World

A massive number of the troubles across the world arise from a shortage of capital. Too many citizens are incarcerated, because they have no funds to hire a legal representative who will fight for them. A lot of citizens are prevented from succeeding because they’re different from others around them, and they’re attacked with oppressive measures. Other people still, suffer from devastating diseases, and they only have enough money to purchase marijuana to alleviate their pain, and so they’re brought into court for this if they’re caught. Mr. Soros desires to fight for those people, and realizes that his funds can assist them with their battles.

Mr. Soros experienced a life of massive oppression. The Third Reich of the Nazis demoralized George’s whole religious people when George was a boy in Hungary. His true name was altered from Schwartz, which is a Jewish surname, over to Soros, a created surname by his dad. This name is taken out of an Esperanto phrase, a foreign language that few citizens are aware of. After Hitler was conquered, Mr. Soros traveled to London to earn a Master’s in the area of economics and also a Master’s in the area of philosophy. This collective knowledge helped George to succeed in the industry of finance. Read more about George’s life story at

George became employed at a triumphant and prominent brokerage company, Singer and Friedlander. George found out how to gain money by increasing his profits from promoting securities to different countries. George then used his earnings to travel over to America, to find a good life. George acquired his citizenship and then he began to toil on Wall Street. George’s experience with financial transactions at many Wall Street agencies assisted George with establishing an agency of his own; it was a hedge fund enterprise known as the Soros Fund, eventually, altered to become Open Society Foundation. Out of this enterprise, George used his capital to charitably help a great many citizens and enterprises. George doesn’t like when citizens are oppressed solely from being poor or otherwise they can’t battle against inequality. Learn more about his profile at

George’s enterprise has the desire of giving money to back educational needs for the poor, health aid for the impoverished and to back attorneys to protect the poor from being abused by oppressive undertakings. Mr. George Soros has also attempted to help elect appropriate and commendable Presidents to become elected to the White House, for example Hillary Clinton during Hillary’s campaign for Presidency. The Clinton’s are both known to be very good friends with George and Mr. Soros knows that Hillary would be best for establishing a free and open society compared to Donald Trump’s world.